Golf Rangefinder With Magnet: Top Picks Of 2022

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1. Best Overall: Callaway 350TL Laser Golf Rangefinder with Built-in Magnet " Considered as one of the finest on the market, this is an affordable laser rangefinder with a high number of positive Amazon reviews." Read Review

2. Best For The Price: Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Golf Rangefinder with Magnetic Cart Mount " This device has all the needed modes for a golfer, and it comes at an unbelievable price for all of the values it provides." Read Review

3. Best Quality: Precision Pro NX9 Slope Golf Rangefinder with Magnetic Cart Holder " This gadget works as well as a GPS device. It is stable and steady and ready to use right out of the box." Read Review

4. Best Compact: TIDEWE Golf Rangefinder with Magnetic Holder " Being light, small and hand-fitting makes it comfortable to hold or carry around and suitable for all ages and genders." Read Review

A rangefinder is a must-have in your golf bag if you take the sport seriously and want to improve. In fact, a rangefinder will be just as valuable as, if not more valuable than, each of your clubs. Golf rangefinders are designed to assist golfers in estimating shot distance and accuracy. The estimate will help the golfer improve their game by indicating how hard they should hit the ball.

While you may not hit any shots with a rangefinder, using it during a round can boost the quality of your shots. This device has the ability to remove any uncertainty from uphill or downhill shots with its slope technology which is now available in many rangefinders, leading to adding to their value. Also, having magnets is an additional feature that is common in some of the best rangefinders. Magnets are usually added to rangefinders, so they can be mounted onto something, such as a golf stand or a cart.

So, what should you know before looking for the finest rangefinder for your needs? So, in this list of Best golf rangefinders with magnet, we'll provide you all the information you need to pick the appropriate equipment to help you improve your game and move up the level ladder.

TOP Choice #1 Callaway 350TL Laser Golf Rangefinder with Built-in Magnet
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Brand: Callaway

The Callaway 350TL Laser Golf Rangefinder is a low-cost laser rangefinder that is widely regarded as one of the best rangefinders on the market. The rangefinder has all of the necessary features you'll need to measure distances.

It is easy and intuitive to use, and the slope feature is useful, so you don’t have to guess how the slope is affecting the distance, which saves you from overshooting.

TOP Choice #2 Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Golf Rangefinder with Magnetic Cart Mount
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Brand: Gogogo Sport Vpro

This product got a fair value for the price, especially when you consider its features. The Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Golf Rangefinder is a wonderful product for golfers.

We love the weather-resistant material that makes it long-lasting. Target accuracy is spot on and pretty much precise. Although the device has short battery life, it runs on AAA's which is cheap and easy to purchase.

TOP Choice #3 Precision Pro NX9 Slope Golf Rangefinder with Magnetic Cart Holder
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Brand: Precision Pro

The Precision Pro NX9 Golf Rangefinder allows you to measure distances with speed. When it comes to rangefinders, speed is an essential aspect to look into, and this rangefinder is incredibly quick and accurate.

This product is absolutely compact and light, which is a big plus for a lot of folks. Even if your hand is dangling over the gadget's base, which is common when trying to hold it naturally, the device does not generate a misleading reading.

The product is perfect for both recreational and competitive use. The device has decent technology and pretty reliable readings.

The gadget is small enough to fit in any pocket of your golf bag and your hand, making it very easy to keep steady. At the same time, the flag lock vibration is a nice addition that works well and nicely.


5 Bozily Golf Rangefinder with Magnetic Strap
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Brand: Bozily

This amazing rangefinder will give you a clear display with a lot of useful information. This device provides excellent support for any course which helps you to fine-tune your shots.

The product feels nice and light to hold, and it's quite portable while giving fast and rapid responses. The device has a reasonable price, excellent quality, and a positive rating on Amazon.

The Upside Golf LOCKON Golfing Rangefinder is the very first rangefinder with a built-in magnet in the whole world. The magnet is strong and secure.

Besides, you can tell precisely how far you need to hit the golf ball with this device, even when heading into steep uphills and downhills, which may be quite useful during weekend or tournament rounds. Overall, this is an affordable and reliable rangefinder.

7 MiLESEEY Golf Rangefinder with Built-in Magnet
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When you're new to the game, estimating distance is one of the most difficult things to do. Well, the MiLESEEY Golf Rangefinder can fix that for you!

It’s considerably easy to use, especially for beginners. This rangefinder has proven to have great accuracy. Furthermore, the built-in magnet can attach to the cart tightly even when you hit a few bumps while driving.

  • MUST-HAVE GOLF ACCESSORY: The handheld scope comes with a waterproof leather carrying case for easy access in your bag. The package also includes a microfiber cloth for quick cleaning and 3 extra batteries. There is a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and 60 day money back guarantee.
  • BUILT-IN MAGNET, BUILT FOR THE OUTDOORS: Series 3 Max features an all-new built-in Magnetic Strip with industry-leading magnet strength. Conveniently clip the Series 3 Max to your golf cart, golf club, or any metal surface for quick play between shots. The water-resistant, sturdy exterior casing of the scope makes it excellent for all weather conditions.
9 Elite Golf Rangefinder by One Under Golf- Sleek
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Brand: Live One Under
  • BUILT TO LAST with stronger more durable outer shell and water resistant design--and backed by a 2 Year Manufacture Warranty plus our ONE UNDER GOLF 90-day Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee!
  • SLOPE COMPENSATION with on/off modes for tournament ready play allows you to pick the right club for every shot regardless of hilly downhill or uphill terrain.
10 LAZRPRO PRO-SX7 Golf Laser Range Finder
Our Score:
  • For Every Game: This range finder golf is a great solution for golfers wanting to lower their score and speed up their play. The PRO-SX7 golf laser rangefinder is tournament legal and guaranteed to improve your performance.
  • Powerful Laser: Our laser rangefinder uses a very powerful, industry-leading 700-yard laser that ensures quick and highly accurate measurements each time. The PRO-SX7 rangefinder features a built-in magnet for convenient mounting to carts and easy accessibility.

To Choose The Golf rangefinder with magnet, What Criteria Do You Need To Study Before?

Almost all buyers are anxious about getting Golf rangefinder with magnet. Whenever creating multiple purchases, various issues need to be resolved. Our market expertise will give you help to make the best shopping selection.

It is advised that you perform your research before purchasing Golf rangefinder with magnet. Consider the following questions.

  • Should you pay more for this product?
  • What is the most valuable item on the market right now, as perusers?
  • When determining to consider investing, what factors should I take into account?
  • What are the benefits of purchasing this item?
  • Enjoy the benefits of purchasing online. How does it benefit consumers?

The info related to Golf rangefinder with magnets has also become more available on the internet, thanks to the rapid development of websites, forums, and space for user evaluations and comments.

Many on our list have been tried and evaluated by inventors. Consider the following factors:

Ease Of Use

You can use most of the latest models if you are an expert golf rangefinder user. If you are having trouble with the laser, or have never used it before, this is a problem. If you are unable to quickly find the correct distance, your rangefinder will not be of any use. These factors can often impact the ease of using your rangefinder.

Scan Mode

Scan mode is a feature that most models offer. The Scan mode allows the rangefinder to scan targets while you hold a button down or wait a few seconds before pressing a button. This will allow the rangefinder to find the correct target. It's usually easier to use the rangefinder with scan mode on. Make sure that you give it a try.


It is important to know that there are differences in the readability of different units. Units with red numbers have been easier to read. This feature usually comes at a cost.

Battery Life

You should also take note of what battery the rangefinder uses. It is important to know how long the battery can last, how rechargeable it is, and how many cycles it is good for.
Nearly all modern golf rangefinders run on CR2 batteries. These can last anywhere from 6-12 months.
You should ensure that you don't need an uncommon type of battery or one that's difficult to locate for the rangefinder that interests you.


Golf rangefinders that are best for rainy conditions can be waterproofed. To prevent any water from accumulating on the rangefinder, it is important that you dry it between each use.


For those with two hands, a rangefinder too small could be problematic. It's easier to range with two hands. Several wider models fit two hands quite comfortably.


First, all laser rangefinders can accurately measure distance within two yards. You should immediately return any laser golf rangefinders that are inaccurate.


First, decide if you need a slope-based rangefinder. The slope measures the elevation change between you and the target. It estimates how far a shot will travel, and the actual distance from the target. Although it can be very useful, the Rules of Golf prohibits its use. It's not something you should ever use in competition.

PinSeeker, PinHunter, First Target Priority

Today's models have the ability to distinguish foreground objects from background. This means that if your aim is at a flag with green behind it, the rangefinder will display the nearest object. It should then be the flag. Most current models have this feature. Bushnell refers to it as Pinseeker. Leupold and Callaway call it PinHunter. First Target Priority Mode is what Callaway calls. Some models give visual, sound or vibration cues when the target closest to the display is locked.


The rangefinders can be used with laser rangefinders that have no magnification up to seven times magnification. Higher magnification is believed to make it more easy to reach the target.


1. What Are The Advantages Of Hybrid Laser Rangefinders?

Be confident in your yardage measurement. You can compare yardage measurements by using both a laser measurement and a GPS calculated value. The best hybrid rangefinders provide the most accurate results in reasonable golfing conditions.

2. Are More Expensive Rangefinders Better?

It is not for everybody. You should keep in mind, however that the premium models have a lot more cost than the cheaper ones. This is because not everyone needs and wants the same features. Expect to spend more if you want every feature on the market. Despite not being as feature-rich as higher-priced units, they still cover all the essentials.

3. Can I Use My Golf Laser Rangefinder For Other Sports?

The laser rangefinder is great for both golf and hunting, archery, bird watching, beachcombing, or any other outdoor activity. You can also use the laser rangefinder indoors if you want to avoid harmful rays from the LCD monitor.

4. Do I Need A Laser With Slope Functionality?

The key is how you use it. Slope technology is a great tool for serious golfers. It can make it easier to plan your course and take better decisions. Slope technology can prove to be a valuable tool for tournament players who want to understand the subtleties of new courses during practice rounds. If you don't need to know how many yards it takes to reach the target, and can figure out the rest on your own, then skip the Slope option and save some money.

5. What Is “Pin Pointer” And How Does It Differ From “Pin Sensor”?

Pin Pointer is a GPS compass which shows you the distance to the pin and the direction. This is great for playing golf in conditions you should not be. It is also useful when you're certain that the trees are not blocking your view. If your target is higher than the hill. You are, but this is not an indication of your age. It's just the location you were on the course.
This handy feature will save you from having to explain why you are hitting into people in front of you. This feature can save you the embarrassment of explaining to your group why they were hitting into you. That is poor advice. Do not do this. Don't do that. Make sure that you aim right first. You can use this feature to do just that.

6. Why Do I Need A Battery That Lasts Longer Than A Round Of Golf?

Battery life was a problem that plagued early GPS devices. Your round can be ruined if your GPS device fails during the round. You should ensure that your device has enough battery life to play the game. You should choose the best-performing battery if you play on courses that last between 5 and 6 hours. Before you purchase, make sure to check the specifications of the manufacturer for expected battery life.

Since merchandising consultant pros have a wide variety of expertise, the information above is presumed to be accurate. The data of Golf rangefinder with magnet is also updated on a regular basis. You may feel confident that the data is current and accurate.

Please report any problems with Golf rangefinder with magnet so that we can improve your experience. We'll work even harder to improve our quality as a consequence of your favorable comments!

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